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New market rules for gas and electricity in Brussels

The way in which the gas and electricity market in Brussels is organised has changed somewhat since 20 August. This is the result of the transposition in Brussels of a number of European directives aimed at further liberalising the energy market. The main objective this time is to improve consumer protection.

Certain changes relating to Sibelga may be important for you! Let’s go through them.

First of all, more consumers can claim “protected customer” status, such as those with an Omnio status. But from now on, protected customers can also lose their status if they no longer fulfil the basic conditions. Moreover, a protected customer for gas supplies no longer automatically has protected customer status for electricity, and vice versa.

For protected customers, just as for other customers, there is also a change with regard to capacity limiters. These limiters, which Sibelga installs at the request of suppliers, now have to guarantee a minimum capacity of 2300 Watt, instead of 1380 Watt.

And finally, you can submit a claim for compensation to your distribution grid operator in the following four cases:

  • if you suffer a lengthy electrical power outage;
  • if you no longer have gas or electricity as a result of an administrative error on the part of Sibelga;
  • if you were not connected to one of our grids on time;
  • if you have suffered direct loss due to the lack of a power supply or the defective quality of this supply.

To do this, fill in the compensation forms available on our website. Be sure to check that you meet all the conditions on the basis of the enclosed regulations!