NRClick at the VUB Fire Service Outpost: savings of 75% in one year!
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NRClick at the VUB Fire Service Outpost: savings of 75% in one year!

It may be hard to believe, but that’s how much energy has been saved at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel Fire Service Outpost (PASI VUB, for its acronym in French) following the replacement of the boiler in 2019.

The Fire and Emergency Medical Assistance Service (SIAMU, for its acronym in French) is one of the many public services to have benefited from the regional NRClick programme, which aims to reduce energy consumption in public buildings.

The programme is delivered through three complementary strands: monitoring, a central procurement agency and works to improve energy efficiency

Works completed in record time!

This rather particular site, located next to the VUB Hospital, received special attention. Speed was of the essence, as explains Emily Moens, Director for Infrastructure at the SIAMU’s Logistics Department: “Unfortunately, in March 2019, the boiler broke down and could not be repaired. We contacted Sibelga with the aim of replacing the boiler before autumn. Sibelga was very responsive, and the project was carried out in record time.

The big challenge was to remedy the situation quickly, especially since SIAMU buildings are in use 24/7. It was therefore vital to ensure that the heating system was in good working order. The works on the new equipment finished in August 2019.

Now, one year later, we have recorded savings of 75%, or €14,000 less than heating bills for previous years.

 SAMU VUB - Installation chaufferie

Heliport, UCL, VUB - all renovated!

This is not the SIAMU’s first NRClick project. In 2019, one of the largest NRClick projects was launched on the Heliport site. These works led to annual efficiencies of 50% to 75%, or annual savings of 260 tons of CO2. 

The UCL Fire Service Outpost is currently being renovated. Again, with the aim of improving energy efficiency, a series of projects are underway: in addition to a new boiler installed in 2019 and in partnership with the NRClick Service, the SIAMU has replaced the building frames and is carrying out works on the roof to install high-performance thermal insulation: “This set of measures constitutes a holistic approach aimed at reducing our energy consumption and our environmental footprint”, adds Emily Moens.

The NRClick programme promises reductions in energy use.

The service is operated by Sibelga with the support of the office of the Minister for Energy and the Environment, as well as Bruxelles Environnement.

NRClick Scan: an energy monitoring tool

All the actions carried out will enable the SIAMU to considerably reduce consumption. This will soon be even more visible thanks to the NRClick Scan app, a monitoring tool offered by Sibelga since 2011.

This tool monitors everything a building consumes: electricity, gas, water, fuel, heat.

In this way, users can see if they are achieving optimal savings. They can also view potential energy losses and therefore deal with them rapidly.

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