NRClick: more energy-efficient public buildings in Brussels
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NRClick: more energy-efficient public buildings in Brussels

The Brussels-Capital Region has set ambitious targets for energy transition:

  • to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2025
  • to double the production of renewable energy by 2020

The NRClick and SolarClick programmes, set up by Sibelga, are among the activities put in place to achieve this... and the first meeting has already been a great success.

On the way to greater energy efficiency in public buildings 

With the NRClick programme, the municipal and regional authorities have a complete service to improve the energy efficiency of their buildings, which means cutting their energy consumption.

Specifically, local authorities and regional services can contact Sibelga to monitor and analyse the consumption of their buildings (authorities, schools, sports centres, etc.) and develop a real action plan.

On the basis of the studies carried out, works are planned and supervised by Sibelga. They might include, for example:

  • renovating a heating system;
  • installing a new ventilation system;
  • or placing thermal solar panels on the roof to provide hot water.

Nearly €3 million worth of work in 2018

"The NRClick programme is very popular with local authorities," said Stéphane Godfrind, manager of Sibelga’s NRClick Service. "Dozens of studies have been commissioned and our work schedule for 2018 is already full."

The planned works will cost between €60,000 (not inc. VAT) and €650,000 (not inc. VAT). Most of the operations involve heating, an area that allows substantial savings. "For the work currently underway in one school, we had to have a temporary heating system to keep the people occupying these buildings warm," says Stéphane Godfrind.

Some projects already offer great challenges for Sibelga: in particular those concerning listed buildings, for which specific measures must be taken.

Regional services are also already following the lead of the local authorities. Three files have already been identified. No doubt the NRClick teams will have their work cut out for the next few months.