NRClick Scan: €25,000 in savings for Etterbeek!
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NRClick Scan: €25,000 in savings for Etterbeek!

Thanks to the consumption monitoring computer application NRClick Scan, the municipality of Etterbeek achieved significant savings on its energy bill last year.

NRClick Scan is an energy accounting tool made available to the public authorities within the framework of the NRClick programme. It allows electricity, gas and water consumption to be monitored. We take you once again to a Brussels municipality in order to find out about the savings achieved by using this tool.

The saying goes that "little streams make mighty rivers". Guillaume D’Haese, technical secretary for the municipality of Etterbeek under the supervision of the municipal councillor for public works, Rik Jellema, would not disagree!

Once the NRClick Scan software was installed, and with the assistance of Sibelga experts, it tracked all unnecessary consumption of gas and electricity, both large and small, in schools in Etterbeek. The result? no less than €25,000 in savings last year!  

Adjust the heating controls: save up to 30%!

The heating settings are almost always the first port of call for users of NRClick Scan to focus on. "For example, we noted that one of our school buildings was set up for continuous consumption of gas, both day and night. In fact, controls over the heating were practically non-existent. By optimising the settings we were able to achieve savings of around 30%!"

In another building, we noticed that the boilers went on working throughout the summer. Elsewhere, radiators were heated at weekends, even though the classrooms were empty. "By doing nothing more than correcting this we were able to achieve savings of around 50,000 kWh, without any additional investment."

Another example: a pre-nursery and caretaker building was not equipped with heating controls, so the municipality invested in a room thermostat and thermostatic valves. The key benefit was a saving of 25%.

Where energy is concerned, no savings are insignificant.

While adjustments to the settings can enable significant savings to be made quickly, small and unnecessary sources of consumption, which are sometimes less obvious, should not be overlooked. For example, in Etterbeek it was noticed that drinks dispensers in schools were consuming energy the whole year round, including during holidays and at night. "We corrected this and, from the following day, we were able to see an impact on the electricity consumption, thanks to the NRClick Scan profiles", Guillaume D’Haese explains. 

But NRClick Scan cannot do everything

"NRClick Scan is a very good tool," acknowledges Guillaume D’Haese, but he caveats his comment: "it does not enable savings to be made per se, because it is only a measurement tool. It is only useful if we analyse the data collected and then take action. To achieve this, collaboration with the Sibelga team is very important!"

"...  but please remember that this is of no use if no-one then takes any action"

François Guillard, Data & Reporting Expert with Sibelga confirms: "NRClick Scan is a tool which enables a snapshot of the situation to be taken, but please remember that this is of no use if no-one then takes any action. It is the human being who must ask the questions and provide the answers. Those municipalities that have been using NRClick Scan for several years have understood this fact.

But NRClick is also and above all a multidisciplinary team which municipalities can call upon when they need support either to carry out an analysis or in order to take action."