NRClick: the smart tool that reduces the power consumption of Brussels municipalities
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NRClick: the smart tool that reduces the power consumption of Brussels municipalities

Sibelga and the nineteen Brussels municipalities introduced an energy accounting tool for municipal buildings in 2011: NRClick. Each month citizens are able to find out the level of energy savings achieved using this tool by way of a concrete example.
But before we take you to meet various buildings around the Brussels municipalities, here is a quick reminder.

NRClick: a data collection tool

NRClick is a tailor-made computer application devised to meet the municipalities' needs in monitoring their energy consumption levels. In practice, the NRClick tool collects all the electricity, gas and also water consumption data from municipal buildings. Obviously these include administrations but also schools, sports and cultural centres, community centres, etc. All collected data are brought together in a central database.

And afterwards? Data processing by NRClick

Once these figures are available, they obviously have to be processed to draw useful lessons. For instance, the tool can  be used to generate graphs of changes in the consumption levels of certain pieces of equipment over time or to cross-reference the data with those from other municipalities for comparison purposes. This enables us to detected abnormal consumption levels of pieces of equipment or the times of the day/week when energy  savings can be made.

NRClick: an effective method

After 4 years in operation, the NRClick tool has widely demonstrated its effectiveness. The savings achieved vary between 5% and 30% for an investment that can be virtually nil, for example by simply reprogramming the heating. These results have earned the tool an Ethias Premium Award at the Belgian Environment and Energy Awards on 5 June 2014.

Keen to find out more? Join us next month when we visit a first building in the municipality of Evere.