Power failure: four possible causes
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Power failure: four possible causes

Unforeseeable by its very nature, a power outage can occur at any time. Plunged into darkness, deprived of your television or computer, your evening meal getting cold in the oven, the first concern for most people is to try and find out how long it is going to last. But sometimes we also wonder what the reason for the outage is. Below, we lift the lid on four potential causes.

1. Network damage

A water leak that has flooded our cables, a landslide, a cable getting snagged whilst work is being performed, etc. All of these elements may damage a network component and disrupt the power supply.

2. Defective equipment

Even though Sibelga carefully selects the equipment it uses and runs inspections and checks at regular intervals, a manufacturing defect or simply the wear and tear of equipment, sometimes accelerated by extraneous causes, may bring about outages.

3. Handling errors

To err is human. Sadly the odd incident will occur that is either the result of carelessness or an incorrect manipulation. The mistake may have been committed some time before: for example where a connection is poorly carried out and comes undone over time.

4. A problem with the high voltage grid

The national high voltage power transmission grid which delivers the electricity generated by the power stations to the distribution grids, which may itself be the victim of a damage that spills over into the Sibelga-operated network. In this case, this usually means a widespread power outage that affects a large number of consumers.

What do you do if you notice a power failure in Brussels?

  • First consult the advice to follow before calling us , to make sure we are actually dealing with a general outage.
  • If the diagnosis is confirmed, dial 02 272 40 66. Our teams are at your beck and call 24/7. 

Find out how Sibelga steps up in case of a local or widespread power outage: