Remarkable energy savings in Uccle!
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Remarkable energy savings in Uccle!

For more than 10 years, the municipality of Uccle has doing everything possible to reduce its energy consumption, led by an energy manager.NRClick Scan is an awesome tool for achieving even more efficiency!

Hélène Nicodème is energy manager for the municipality of Uccle.A trained architect, she is an energy management consultant and is specifically responsible for monitoring the consumption of a portfolio of around 60 public buildings, encouraging their managers to take action if improvements are possible. 

To do this, she works in partnership with an engineering colleague who specialises in heating, ventilation and air conditioning, as well as specialist intervention teams.She can also count on the help and advice of Sibelga's NRClick team...

Sibelga: How do you keep an eye on consumption in 60 buildings? 

Hélène Nicodème: Priority buildings are data logged.In other words, they are equipped with data loggers – devices that collect a whole series of data on gas, electricity and water consumption.Thanks to Sibelga's energy accounting tool NRClick Scan, we are able to monitor changes in energy consumption every 15 minutes.When an abnormal variance is found, we are alerted and we can intervene.  

Sibelga: Your role doesn't stop at monitoring existing buildings... 

H.N.:No, indeed: I am also involved in construction of new buildings and extensions.For example, we are currently working on the construction of an extension to the municipal school in Calevoet.My role is to advise the architects at the local authority's design office to achieve maximum energy performance.

The energy manager not only intervenes retrospectively but also advises upstream, from a project's design stage.

Sibelga: Does that mean there is no need to monitor these new buildings once they are finished?

H.N.:No, because in practice we can see variances from the original plan.This is why we always include the setting up of a data logger in the specifications. 

For example, in one of our new low-energy buildings, the occupants complained about poor temperature distribution in the offices.Thanks to the data we collected, we detected a problem with the vents and we were able to correct the situation. 

Sibelga: What results have you achieved with these measures?

H.N.:For ten years now we have been saving about 4% of our energy usage each year.This corresponds to a cumulative saving of 30 GWh, i.e. the cumulative consumption of 2,000 households in Brussels, which is another 2,250,000 euros! 

Sibelga: How do you cooperate with Sibelga? 

H.N.:We're in contact with Sibelga's NRClick team almost every week.This cooperation isn't new: my predecessor was already working with Sibelga.As we see each other so regularly, we are almost colleagues.We're moving together towards the same goal: to reduce energy consumption in our buildings.

Thanks to the SolarClick project, four sites will be fitted with large photovoltaic systems: Messidor and Homborch schools, the future Uccle administrative centre called "Projet U”, a Be.exemplary winner in 2017, and the new Stalle Operational Centre.

The SolarClick and NRClick programmes allow us to move even faster than before!