Sibelga, serving everyone
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Sibelga, serving everyone

The energy market is complex. It is sometimes difficult to navigate between the various operators and to know whom to address concerning this or that.  Even more so when someone doesn't master the language very well, doesn't have any internet access or finds themselves in a precarious situation.

Sibelga's Customer Service department helps precisely these people.  Located in the centre of Brussels, at 96 Boulevard Emile Jacqmain, it can be easily reached by public transport.

Nabila, Françoise, Olivier, Christophe and Momi are there to welcome Sibelga customers. 

Nabila illustrates her daily work life: "My job is to put customers at ease, to try and understand what the issue is and to offer them advice.  In short, I can help them.  Moreover, they only come by when they are experiencing real issues.  We are frequently confronted with serious social situations such as job insecurity, older persons living alone, the challenges of integration, and so on."

From time to time, Olivier, Julie, Laurence or David go to meet customers during energy days organised by CPAS/OCMW.  The most recent one took place in Anderlecht on 17 November.

Sibelga au service de tous - Molenbeek

During such days, our colleagues mainly educate the public on what electricity and gas meters are and what they look like. The majority confuse them with water meters.

They also raise public awareness on the consumption of certain appliances, in a fun way.

CPAS/OCMW frequently ask that the following subjects be addressed during workshops:

  • How do you take a correct reading? How do you check an invoice? 
  • What should you do about your meter connection when moving house?
  • How do you check if such a meter is adequately serving the apartment in question, and how do you check if power is being lost and/or stolen?

Sibelga au service de tous - Molenbeek -2

Olivier shares his experience: "Very few have internet access. As a result, we hardly ever talk about our site or the Energuide. If they have a question or doubt, we advise them to contact our Customer Service or to drop by and see us in our office. Better safe than sorry..."