What is the best way of charging my electric car?
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What is the best way of charging my electric car?

There are different charging methods: normal, semi-fast and fast.  Each requires a specific electrical configuration.  The constraints associated with your installation and the network must be taken into account.  Focus on electrical terminals ...

Normal charging 

Normal charging (up to 7.4 kW) on a conventional (single-phase or three-phase) connection is suitable for a large majority of vehicles and does not require any adaptation of your electrical installation.

This is the cheapest and easiest solution to put in place.

To give you an idea of the charging time required for your vehicle based on the power of your terminal, perform a simulation.  You will see that normal charging is sufficient for a typical use of your vehicle (a Belgian covers a distance of 50 km per day on average, whereas a 6-hour recharge allows a small city car to travel between 100 and 200 km).

Note, however, that certain vehicle models, even under normal charging conditions, require a specific connection(presence of a  neutral connector).  

Fast and semi-fast charging

Fast and semi-fast charging require higher power and specific connection configurations. If you choose this type of recharge, it is therefore important that you discuss your needs with the installer of the terminal. They should, among other things, draw your attention to two types of constraints: 

  • The constraints related to the network (three-phase 400 V + neutral connector or not)
  • The constraints related to your installation (sufficient power or reinforcement needed)

If you opt for fast or semi-fast charging, there is a high probability that you will have to make significant adjustments to your electrical installation at your own expense. 

Have all the cards in hand!

Before choosing your vehicle and charging method, get all the facts.  Consult the electric vehicle pages on www.sibelga.be, they contain important and useful information on this topic. 

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