Are you an electrician or architect in Brussels? On this page you will find useful information about connecting new buildings to the electricity network and installing smart meters.

Metering box to connect new builds

For several years now, the 25D60 box has been the standard meter box for new connections in Brussels. This 25x60 box makes it easier for Sibelga to install and replace meters.

When installing one or two household meters, you can:

  • ask Sibelga to install and place the metering box;
  • purchase the unit from one of our assemblers and assemble it yourself by following the instructions provided with the kit.

Consult the list of assemblers and the dedicated brochure

Installation of bi-directional smart meters

Is your client installing photovoltaic panels or an electric charging station at home? He can request the replacement of his traditional electromechanical meter with a bi-directional smart meter. This change is free of charge, provided that no additional work is required (e.g. power reinforcement).

If you already have a smart meter (for example, if you have a recent electrical connection), all you need to do is apply for its activation. 

Note that the installation of the bi-directional meter is mandatory for prosumers (i.e. consumers who also produce electricity), in order to be able to record injections and withdrawals from the network.

Summary of steps for new prosumer