The Sibelga Academy offers a wide range of technical training courses in the field of natural gas and electricity, in the heart of Brussels. Come and develop your skills or obtain a CERGA certification!

Did you know? As a gas or electricity professional, you have access to our training centre, the Sibelga Academy.

Located in the heart of Brussels, it features 11 training rooms and employs 11 trainers who are experts in their field. In addition, the centre has gas and electricity teaching networks to train safely.

Our technical training courses in gas and electricity

We regularly organise training sessions open to gas and electricity professionals. Here are some examples.

Cerga Certification

Are you a heating engineer and gas installer? Get the Cerga quality label for customer gas installations that meet the latest standards.

Gas fitter training

Validate your "Gas fitter" registration as a technician at a Cerga certified installation company.

Electro-welding training

Become an approved PE welder for gas distribution system construction. We offer training, qualifications and reviews in electro-welding and butt-welding, either with your own equipment or using Sibelga equipment.

Customised training

Can't find what you're looking for? In addition to these modules, we also create customised training courses. So don't hesitate to let us know what you need!

In practice

Our training courses take place in Brussels, rue des Palais 281-283. Registration costs and duration vary. The training courses are given in French and Dutch.

You can find practical information and the calendar of upcoming training courses on the Sibelga Academy website.