Is your company keen to supply Brussels consumers with electricity and/or gas? Here are the steps to take to become an energy supplier in Brussels.

To supply gas and/or electricity in Brussels, you will first need to obtain a supply licence.

Once you have one, you will need to sign an access contract with us, in order to use the distribution network(s) to supply your customers. 

Obtaining a supply licence

In the Brussels Region, supply licences are issued by the Energy Minister.

Your application must be submitted to BRUGEL, the Brussels regulatory authority. After examining your file, BRUGEL will give positive or negative feedback and forward your application to the Minister.

Consult the BRUGEL website for more information

Signing an access contract with Sibelga

The distribution of electricity and gas in Brussels is carried out via Sibelga's infrastructure. In order to use our networks, your company must be registered as an access holder in the access register. 

As an access holder, you will be required to meet certain obligations, including the balancing for your access points.

All of these matters are detailed in the access contract.