As the owner of a high-voltage cabin or a natural gas access point with a capacity ≥ 250 m³/h, you are legally obliged to sign a connection agreement with Sibelga.

This agreement specifies the rights and obligations relating to your connection, as set out in the Technical Regulations. It also formalises the specific technical conditions and arrangements (no financial impact). 

For any commissioning of a high voltage cabin of a natural gas access point with a capacity ≥ 250 m³/h, you must be in possession of:

  • an active supply contract with your energy supplier. 
  • a signed connection agreement
  • a statement of compliance for the installation

Download our connection agreement templates

All about your connection agreement (FAQ)
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No connection agreement yet? 

Please contact our Customer Account Management department ( 

If the agreement was concluded with the previous owner, your Account Manager will draw up an amendment to the connection agreement in your name.

If the agreement has never been signed, Sibelga will send you an email with a link to a form to be completed from our customer portal. We will then send you the contract to be signed and returned to us by post or e-mail.